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New App

In between the spurts and fits of sun this weekend I had some time to scratch an itch I have had for a while. I like to be notified when my Transmission downloads are done, and up until now I haven't had a way to be notified on my phone. Growl works great when I am in front of a computer, but what if I need to know wherever I am? I could use Prowl, but where is the fun in that? My solution is herald. It is a little rough right now, but over time I am sure it will get better.

The app has two dependencies. Notifo and Transmission and by extension two libraries that interact with them. Feel free to try it out and let me know how it goes.

Herald now supports Transmission and uTorrent. Using uTorrent requires the uTorrent.py library, found here or you can use my fork.