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While watching the NBA finals I am constantly being bombarded by statistics related to past finals and the amount of wins that Phil Jackson has or the number of times the Lakers have gone on to win the Championship after being ahead 2-0. While these are all interesting statistics I find myself wanting more. I would love it if I could get a database dump of all their data so I can put together my own queries. Better yet, give me a webapp that is loaded up with all of the data they are quoting and allow me to make my own queries and come up with my own statistics. For example, allow me to enter a query such as, "Show me all the players with 15 assists in an NBA finals game in the last 9 years". Then I can share it with friends through whatever social network device I choose. Also, perhaps there could be voting on interesting user generated statistics that the broadcasters could then share on the air.

This can work in the favor of many sports broadcasts. There are already have all the data in their database, and they dole it out in little bits throughout their programs. Broadcasters can engage their users more if they had a way to interact and discover new and interesting statistics while watching their favorite team play.

Rather than idly watching a team or individual playing a sport, whether it is Tiger Woods or the Lakers, allow me to go more in depth. The first station or sport that allows me to do this will instantly grab my attention and viewership.